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-The Boston Globe

“Five songs in, I pulled off the road… The songs had stirred something in me and I felt the need to understand. I was soon on the road again, enclosed in a world Mure had made. While my eyes were awake and alert, my soul was wrapped in a warm cocoon.”
- No Depression

"(Worth) is expressed confidently with spine-tingling vocals."

"My heart is broken and completely full at the same time."
-Red Line Roots

"..a mature and insightful songwriter."
-Roots Music Report

"..this is the album to listen to when things feel out of control."
-Adobe and Teardrops

-Dave Senft (Darlingside)

"...quietly confident and roaring with passion. In this uncertain chaotic world, we need voices like Emily Mure to heal us, to remind us who we are, and to give us places to rest our hearts."   
- Joe Crookston

- Elizabeth Ziman (Elizabeth and the Catapult)

"Emily's voice never faults in emoting the subtleties of life and all the heartbreaking complexities that we deal on a day to day basis. Her new album "Worth" bears witness to that."
- The Bones of J.R. Jones

"..a well-produced, wistful-to-wild exemplar of contemporary singer-songwriter folk."
- Cover Lay Down